Dr. Partrick Briggs Offers Fast and Effective Solution for Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples may be a topic that you have seen on TV, read in a book, or perhaps noticed in some page over the internet. Some consider it as an anomaly while others simply shrug it off as a sign that they could care less. However, it is a different story for individuals who have had it since birth. Although many have accepted this condition, there are still a few who think they are cursed because of it. They feel ashamed and less confident about themselves. Before we delve into the specifics as to how Dr. Patrick Briggs can be of service, let us first take a sneak peek as to what inverted nipples really are.

What Is It?

An inverted or invaginated nipple is a condition that is characterized by a retracted nipple into the breast, either on one or both sides. It does not choose a gender as it can happen to males and females, alike. According to experts, many things can cause inverted nipples. It can be a result of breast feeding, duct infection, or maybe a breast surgery. About 10 to 20% of all women have this congenital problem while others have it because of breast cancer, gynecomastia, pregnancy, and tuberculosis.

There are instances wherein nipple inversions come and go. Some women had inverted nipples until they became pregnant. Others had normal nipples until they reached puberty. In terms of sensitivity, inverted nipples are just as sensitive as regular ones. When it comes to functionality, it may spur certain problems like irritation, rash, discomfort, and may even hinder breastfeeding. Given all these, it is only natural for those who have this condition to search for a possible solution.

Inverted Nipple Correction

Fortunately, Dr. Briggs is here to help. Apart from breast augmentation, he also offers corrective services that address this visually unpleasant condition. There are two methods that can be used to treat nipple inversion and both have something to do with the patient’s milk ducts. The first technique would involve keeping the milk ducts intact. The patient would be administered with a local anesthetic prior to the procedure. Dr. Patrick Briggs will make a small cut on the areola so he could lift a tissue from the breast and then stitches it, thus, creating a normal nipple. The second technique is more common and is usually used in more complicated cases. Similar to the first procedure, the patient will get a local anesthetic. Dr. Briggs will make an incision on the same area, remove the milk ducts, and stitch up the incision.

Both of these types of surgeries have marginal risks and they can be performed as a walk-in walkout procedure. In terms of the recovery period, the patient could get back to his or her regular routine within hours. They will only experience minor pain and swelling and all these uncomfortable sensations typically go away within several days. Meanwhile, the sutures will be removed after four to seven days.

Patients who do not want to go under the knife may also opt for other alternatives. The most popular one is the Nipplette device. Although it remains as a great option, this instrument would need considerable compliance over time. On the other hand, the surgery mentioned earlier offers instant solution and remarkable results. Do not hesitate to call Dr. Patrick Briggs if you want to have your inverted nipple fixed or you wish to have breast implants so you can feel confident, beautiful, and sure of yourself.